About Us
Overdue payments from clients is one of the biggest issues any business owner or operator faces, particularly in today’s economy.

We found that our clients were becoming increasingly frustrated with their outstanding debtors ignoring their calls, letters and emails, but paying up on the first letter from a Debt Collector.

Having run Debt Collection, Accounting, Financial Planning and Consulting businesses for well over 25 years, we have developed a simple and effective Debt Collection website for our clients to enable them to simply load up the debtor details, pay a small fee (rather than a commission) and choose which type of letter they want sent to their debtor.

We have strong connections to the legal community, private investigators and affiliated collection agencies, as well as vast experience in Debt Recovery, Financial Services, Accounting and Bookkeeping.

We have a very good strike rate in the collection of debts, however we have found that more and more businesses are looking to collect more directly and have more control over the collection process – all they needed was the support of someone who gave them the extra credibility in collecting – that’s where we come in.

With this in mind, we have designed a very effective resource to help businesses control the collection process.

With our experience in the Debt Collection industry, we have seen numerous overdue debts pay up after their 1st letter from a Debt Collector.

Based on this experience, we have designed a simple, easy to use and cost effective method to help you collect your money.

We will help you manage the collection process for your business using our debt collection resources commission-free.

We have designed specific letters which are appropriate and effective - you simply choose which letter you want sent and we will send it on your behalf.

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