Where are you based?
We have multiple offices Australia-wide.

Do you offer “standard” collection?
We do offer standard collection services, where we will pursue a debt on your behalf. If you have a need for this service, please Contact Us and we will arrange a formal collection through one of our experienced collection officers.

What happens if they don’t pay after my first letter?
While we find that many debtors pay on the first letter from a Debt Collector, not everyone does, sometimes a follow up is needed by phone or another letter. We can offer both of these services if needed, or you can opt to send a more formal letter from our letters.

Who does the debtor pay?
The debtor is referred directly back to you, with this service, we do not become involved in the collection, except to send the letters to your debtor. All negotiations are between you and your debtor. We simply act as a formal party in bringing the seriousness of their debt to their attention.

What if the debtor contacts you?
If the debtor contacts us, we will refer them directly to you. We want to effect fast and direct payment to you and not be a 3rd party in the payment process.

How much does it cost?
The website is free to join. There are a range of packages available, depending on what you need. You can choose to send a 1-off letter, or you can select a package which allows you to send bulk letters.

Once you’ve filled in the details on our letter form and chosen the letter you wish to send, we’ll print and post it via registered mail on your behalf on our Mercantile Agency letterhead.

If you would like more details on the pricing, please visit our Plans and Pricing page for more details

Can I send multiple letters?
Yes you can. All letters are still charged at $27.95 per letter sent. You need to fill in the debtor letter form for each letter you wish to send so we can print them off and send them for you.

If you have a large number of letters it may be worth purchasing a package. Please visit our Plans and Pricing page for more details

How do I create and send a letter?
Creating and sending a letter is simple. Simply choose whether you are sending a 1-off letter, or you are choosing a package, fill in the details on the form, make payment via PayPal and you will receive a confirmation that the payment and details have been accepted and your letter will be posted from our office within 24 business hours. If you have chosen a Partner login, you can create letters whenever you need and post directly yourself. The letters will have our letterhead on them to help you with credibility.

I have a package that allows me to print my own letters. When I print a letter off the address fields have a large indent?
We have created our letters to be sent in a “Window Envelope”. When you print off your letter, it can be placed into a Window Envelope and sent to your debtor. This gives the letter more impact. The letter can also be sent in a normal envelope, however we recommend either a Window Envelope or a Registered Mail envelope. This will give your letter more impact.

How do you manage Privacy?
We have a strict policy on Privacy and comply with the Debt Collection Code of Conduct regarding Privacy. We will not disclose any personal details of any person in relation to debt collection. The only exception to this (which is allowed by law) would be in a situation when we need to refer a debt to our legal team or another agency for legal reasons. If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact our Privacy & Compliance Officer.

Do you follow a Mercantile Agents Code of Conduct?
As a Debt Collection Agency, we are bound by all State, Territory and Federal Laws relating to the operation of a Debt Collection Agency and to adhere to all legislation relating to Consumer and Fair Trading practice. With this in mind, we follow a strict Code of Conduct and maintain a high standard of business practice to exercise honesty, integrity and credibility at all times in our dealings with the public, clients and debtors. If you have any further questions regarding this, please contact our Privacy & Compliance Officer via our Contact us page.

Can I become an partner?
Yes you can become a Partner. Please choose your preferred option from the Plans and Pricing page, fill in the details and you will have full access to the Partners Dashboard. You will be able to create as many letters as you need and post them directly yourself.

I have another question.
Please Contact us with your question and we’ll be more than happy to respond within 24 hours.